Thanks Portland, are you ready Seattle?

August 09 ,2007

Yo yo yo greetings and salutations! Well I’m lying in the bunk getting ready for some big breakfast. Maybe a lil’ milk and cereal, maybe a lil’ green superfood smoothie. We just pulled into Seattle and the Summer Haze crews are setting up shop.

Portland was definitely off the chain last night. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We had a great show and now I think we are finding our groove plus it’s just going to keep getting better and better. Seattle has been one of those amazing towns for us since the beginning. Our first shows were at the infamous Crocodile Cafe. We had some amazing shows there way back around 1994. Since then we must have played them all and of course we’ve enjoyed an insane string of shows at the Showbox in recent years. We are feeling good that’s what I know. Definitely putting in the work and it’s paying off.

On another note, I have continued to not smoke cigarettes. It has been over a month now. There are times especially at night if I’m having a brew where I’m like-“damn I wanna have a smoke” but I just don’t do it and then the craving kind of goes away. So if you are quitting too, just do it!

Peace out




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