Summer Daaaaaze

August 12 ,2007

I just woke up in Lake Tahoe, another beautiful day out here and my mind is still spinning from last nights show. It was another classic night at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. The last time I was there was for the filming of Jack Johnson’s Weekend at the Greek DVD, this time was Summer Haze. We definitely had a hot show last night. We played our new joint “City Livin” and it hit well. The whole set was executed niiiiice and the crowd was niiiiice too. Big shots for everyone that came out. The night before in Eugene was great as well. Definitely a smaller crowd but the whole show, all 3 bands, had amazing energy and it came off. Well, one show tonight at one of my favorite spots here in Lake Tahoe and then on to Vegas. I’m just gonna try not to lose my ass at the black jack table.

Peace Out




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