Viva Las Vegas

August 15 ,2007

It’s Wednesday and we have just rocked the Palms in Vegas. We had a slamming show the other night in Lake Tahoe and it’s safe to say that the Summer Haze tour is in full effect.

Two days ago we had off and the entire posse went poolside here at the Palms. I went to take in a show and chose Stomp Out Loud. This show was siiiick. Its all beats, no dialogue. They make beats with everything: lighters, brooms, buckets, boxes, bottles and foam pipes. So funky! What else? We are in AZ tonight and its hooooooot as a cherry burning nug. Seriously, it is blazing hot.

I am back on the Gretsch Corvette after the original prototype was stolen from the hotel in Park City a couple months back…I think a bunch of people from Gretsch are coming to the show tonight. It’s a guitar player’s dream come true. I have my own Gretsch Corvette signature series guitar coming soon.

I gotta go to sound check





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