Red Rocks On My Mind

August 16 ,2007

I gots red rocks on my mind, on my mind, on my mind

I gots red rocks on my mind, I gots red rocks on my mind!

Yeah I’m runnin, running, running to that place in the sky…Mesa sands and New Mexican sunrise fly’s by outside the windows of the Blue Bus. As we wind our way down to Colorado, the highway bumps and glides us into moving sleep. It always seems so deep but then you wake up tired right? Go back to sleep, no wake up. Really?!? get up, get out and get something!

Anyways, I’m wandering tonight…getting ready to shed (practice) tomorrow in Albuquerque for the night off. We had a killing set tonight and debuted “Lottery”. Slightly Stoopid crushed tonight as well. Kyle is on fire on the guitar. Ozo is killing it on the daily and here we come Colorado so get ready!



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