Bringing it Back Home

August 21 ,2007

The summer is almost over??!!!! What? It’s such a bittersweet feeling. I’m up in Boston and I can feel it in the air cooling down in New England for sure. I’m actually wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. It’s just such a melancholy time, in June and July you feel like the summer is never going to end but then August comes and right when you’re so heavy and thick with the summertime vibrations that first blast of cool air hits you and you just know September is coming. Well, at least I don’t have to start school anymore. That was always tough.

Tomorrow is Boston then on to Philly, the two most important towns for my music. I got my start playing on the streets, parks and subways of these two wonderful cities. It’s definitely a double homecoming. To think that this very summer 15 years ago I first got my street performers license to play Harvard Square. Now I’m headlining the Pavilion in Boston and it looks like its going to be sold out. That’s sick! It’s the same thing in Philly too. All I can say is thanks to everyone that has ever listened and supported throughout the years! Philly in the house! Boston in the house. It’s gonna be a blast. Honestly, after Red Rocks I think I’m ready for anything now.


Peace and Summer Haaaaaze




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