Shooting Hoops

August 27 ,2007

Last night we played the legendary Wolf Trap in Vienna, Va. I had one of my best shows of the tour except I ran out of time!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh I was so pissed. I just tried to squeeze too much music in the encore and we had to cut short the Mellow Mood sit in. Most of these bigger rooms have strict curfews. That means there are a ton of superfluous rules and regulations. PS. I have a more-than-slight aversion to rules and regulations especially when it involves playing music. Anyhow, it was extremely frustrating to have the clock ticking so ferociously while I’m trying to play my songs for the good people of Virginia. It started when we were a couple minutes late getting to stage…we were just about to leave the bus when Mark spilled a kep cup of red wine all over the Houseman’s stage clothes. Jeff was so pissed! He had to change his whole everything, it was a big cup of wine. Anyway we had a good show but I was frustrated and I just felt cheated by the time. But honestly, it’s my own damn fault.

After the show we had the insane P-I-G tournament on the backstage B-ball court. Sorry, I had to devastate those kids from the west side and bring back the fundamentals of strategic PIG competition. I told Shef from OZO I’m ready to take him and any of his boys one on one. So bring it on!



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