Hotlanta in a Haze

September 01 ,2007

We had a good night last night in North Carolina. I’m just waking up in the ATL. Coming here is cool because a lot of my musical family is from these parts. That family started back in 1993 when I first met my Brother Allen Jasper Thomas. Jasper and I became fast friends in Boston after we met at a show and I found out he was an MC. We were playing around the scene, just getting our feet wet and Jasper was coming around a lot and sitting in. I asked him if he could change a guitar string (which I would break at least a couple a night). I lent him this old Silvertone guitar (he renamed her “Rusted Jenny”) to learn how to change strings. He not only learned to change the strings but he developed a very original and unique playing technique. Basically, he came back two weeks later playing all of these amazing Hip Hop songs that he was writing. With his long dreads, inspired conscious lyrics and convicted voice he was an amazing stage presence. In no time at all he formed his band Jasper and the Prodigal Sons and our scene was started. Both bands were tearing up Boston and Cambridge. Jasper and I wrote “This Ain’t Living” on a late summer day in Harvard Yards. Less than a year later we had a record deal with Epic. Jas got his with Geffen the following year.

My life is amazing and everyday I give thanks for it. That year in 1993 was maybe the most golden time of my life. Since then things have been a bit rocky for Jasper but he continues to make music. In fact he is the rapper on Lemonade’s “Thanks and Praise” a remake of his original cut. Through Jasper I’ve met a lot of amazing talent from ATL and Augusta, Ga (where Jas is from). We’ve been working on this new joint “That’s Real” a song we made on the bus after the last Atlanta show (check it out on youtube). This song was written in part by my friend Taranji another musical talent from the South. Needless to say, there will be a lot of family in the house tonight and I will tear the roof off the Tabernacle!

Peace in the Middle East




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