Last Day of Summer Haaaaaaazzzzeeee!

September 02 ,2007

Oh no. I heard it was coming, I saw it was coming and now it has come, the last day of the (hopefully 1st annual) Summer Haze Tour. Ozomatli, Slightly Stoopid and GLaSS have effectively put the phunk into peoples’ Haze all over this whole God Loving country. But now we have reached the end. We are just like the Lord of the Rings, you don’t want it to end, but end it must. We’ve got to get home and feed those babies and love those families! Get home to our girls and our stagnant apartments. Get home to full mailboxes, dirty laundry, doing dishes and paying bills. Get home to court dates, landlords, and that real tuff love. Get home to crisp fall coming, guitar shedding. I’m ready though, even though nothing beats being on stage, you just gotta come down and come back to reality for a little bit and then all of sudden you get the call, “a new tour just got booked”. Then it’s back on the bus to save the world again. That’s what we do right? (Jeeeez get a load of this guy)! Ok fine well just save our souls with sweet rock and roll. Hopefully, we can save your souls too and we hope we get the chance.

15 minutes till sound check, just enough time to do the dreaded pack up on the bus. Get all my crap and try to stuff it into my broken-ass suitcase with the bent-ass rim. You can hear me coming a mile away in the airport. Clickity, clack, now that’s a wrap. One more time to bless the MIC tonight and I’m out…back to the lab.

We love you. Thanks to all for coming to the show and sharing this music with us. Bring the boys back home…all of them.




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