Locked Out

September 12 ,2007

Alright somebody book me a tour or something. I’ve been home for 2 days and I’ve managed to lock myself out of my house twice now. This is getting ridiculous. I had step out and I was going home to get into my morning jam. I get to the door of my apt and then I realize—I had taken the key off the ring while I unloaded groceries yesterday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Locked out! Again!

So now I’m sitting in the coffee shop by my house. Luckily, the cleaning people are coming sometime today with a key so I don’t have to bother the property manager again. This is surely an embarrassing mistake.

On with life…it’s definitely always an adjustment coming home. Being on a tour bus is a wonderful bubble. It’s stocked with food and drink and every time you’re about to get in trouble or overstay your welcome, beep beep, time to go to the next town. Isolationist’s bliss. Sorry Houdini you just can’t beat that escape act.

Now I’ve got the APT stocked with food and drink and I’m sitting out on the street. Other than that and dealing with Boston drivers (ahhhhhhhh God help me from succumbing to a terrible fit of road rage), things are great. Fall is in the air today, it’s beautiful, they are even playing my good friend Jack Johnson on the radio and damn that’s some good coffee! Have a great day and whatever you do, don’t get locked out!!!!!!



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