High Holidaze

September 13 ,2007

Well today is Rosh Hashanah a Jewish High Holiday and many people including my manager did not work today in observance of it. I spent the day at Walden Pond with family. This is a historic, state preservation site and a beautiful place to chill. I packed some chicken sandwiches and hit the Mass Pike to enjoy a perfect fall day. I hiked around a bit and found this killer secluded spot on a little spur that jutted into the pond where we got down on some sandwiches and looked for salamanders. After that I kicked it at Walden and took a dip.

I was a bit tired to cook it up tonight so we ordered in Thai food. Boston has great Thai food and the places to go are Dok Bua in Brookline and Rod Dee in Fenway. We got some good Rod Dee tonight and now it’s up to the roof deck to jam for a spell.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that when it rains it pours…I locked myself out of the house again yesterday! Ahhhhhh. Stay cool.

You know I’m crispy like apples.




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