Boston Music Scene

September 18 ,2007

Another perfect day on the east side. Fall is my favorite time of year to be on the East Coast. This week has been amazing. I’m definitely settling nicely into Boston. In October I’m going to look to start creeping out and making the scene a bit….

14 years ago the Boston music scene was going off. Music just seemed to be seeping out of every house, bar and club in the city. There were open mics, jam sessions and a million different places for a struggling musician to get on the stage. There was also a thriving busking community. I still see people playing on the street but it just doesn’t seem the same. A lot of jazz musicians are out there. Mostly Berklee kids, I think, trying to practice and make some change between classes. I don’t see as many of the singer/songwriter types. There were some cool peeps back in the day. I remember this girl Mary Lou Lord, she was hip. She got a record deal and there were rumors that she hooked up with Kurt Cobain…I dunno. Tracy Chapman got her start in Harvard Sq, and so did I. There were lots of happening bands emerging: Morphine, Jasper and the Prodigal Suns, Grind (all girl Rock and Roll), Powerman 5000, Shockra, The Stubb Junkmen, Chuck, Chuckle Head and a whole lot more too. There was a cool punk rock band called Tree. The Goats used to come up from Philly and kick the shit out of Beantown. Oh yeah, and this band G. Love and Special Sauce they were aiiight.

The cool thing about Boston is that between a very strong roots folk music community, Berklee School of Music, the Boston Conservatory, college radio and lots of venues, Irish pubs and the busking possibilities, it’s possibly the best place in the country to make it as a musician. Also its 3-4 hours from NYC so if you get a chance you can try to play for the record labels….

Anyway, I’m getting all nostalgic about it now. Because of a matter of circumstance I’m up here again. At first I was really salty about it but now I’m totally feeling it. When I practice up here I feel like I’m tapping into a vast musical energy that’s in the air. It comes from the thousands of players up here, shedding, learning, gigging, busking and touring through. I can imagine that if you could stop all the cars, trains, planes and commotion and for a quick moment everyone stopped talking you’d probably hear music rising in the air. Scales, songs, tunings, warm ups, applause, feet stomping and a million notes floating on the fall breeze…How ya like them apples?

Peace in the Middle East




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