Monday Night Football

September 18 ,2007

Yeaaaaah boooooyeeeee!!! Time for kick off here…Eagles vs. Redskins. I got a call from my good friend and fellow bluesman, Kelly Bell; we have a gentleman’s bet on the game tonight. I also got a bet with my cousin and his boys. Basically all of the good people in DC want to give me their green!!!

I woke up 2 days ago and fall is here. I’m kinda siked though. It was a great summer for sure but fall is just so fine…crisp air and cool breezes. It seems like there are farmers’ market up here in Beantown everyday and we have been cooking up a storm…heirloom tomatoes, corn, purple cauliflower, fresh arugula and meats and cheeses from local farms. Siiiiick

Anyway today is Monday Night Football a good excuse to kickback and have a scotch (thanks King Tuts in Glasgow) with my old man and watch the Birds kick some DC ass. One more day here then off to Chicago and SD for Street Scene.

Enjoy the game





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