Street Scene

September 22 ,2007

It’s Saturday morning in sunny San Diego. I’m sitting at the Baja Fresh in down town SD. You know Baja Fresh and In and Out burger is the best fast food joints on the planet right? That’s one thing the west side has over the east side, fast food. Also freaky transient people. There are so many freaks wandering around the streets of San Diego. Because the weather is so nice all the time, people are just on the streets. There are definitely and unfortunately plenty of homeless people in the east coast cities but there is something clearly different that’s hard to pin down. Maybe the drugs are different out here…more meth. There are also many more younger homeless drifters in the west.

Back to the subject, Street Scene is today and I’m ready. Yesterday I got to the hotel and marinated. I ran over my set and shedded out for a few hours. Check out the youtube I did last night: Back of Da Bus. I did that joint last night. When we were out on the Summer Haze tour with SS and Ozo, SS was doing this great beatbox breakdown. It reminded me of how we used to break it down in the All Fellas Band. So I was like shit I gotta start busting that beatbox out again. I’ve been sleeping on it!

Tonight is definitely the Haze reunion so it should be dope! I’m ready and I’m going to rock this joint tonight. Rock it tonight, surf in the morning then I’m off to Boston then Philly to kick it in the studio with Chris D. We gotta finish this new record we are working on. Shit sounds tight. That’s it for now. These fish tacos are the bomb.

Peace out




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