Studio Food

September 26 ,2007

Did you ever take a second to consider the food behind the music?
I mean what musicians eat while they are in studio. Bunkered down in the basement or lounging in some fancy hi tech studio, we have to eat.

When we made our second record Coast to Coast motel in New Orleans, my producer Keith Keller, rest his soul, told me, “G, its not a race, it’s a marathon”. And with those words of wisdom he proceeded to show me the wonders of Louisiana cooking and eating. We would have big pots of greens or cabbage and good ole andouille sausage. When we tired of that, it was poboys…shrimp, catfish or my favorite, fried oyster. Fully dressed of course!

Philly recording sessions relied heavily on the chicken cheese steak with provolone, onions and hot peppers on the side.

Once, while doing a session with legendary bluesman Little Milton, rest his soul, we ordered fried seafood in Mussle Shoals, Alabama. I distinctly remember watching Little Milton eating his fried shrimp salad.

We are going into a session this month at a wonderful studio in New England called Long View Farm. They have a couple cooks on staff that makes delicious, country, home-cooked meals twice a day. You just can’t beat that cooking!

But, the whole reason I’m writing this now is because the Philadelphonic studios is right by Chinatown in Philly. I eat from Ong’s (formerly Nice Noodle) religiously. I just can’t get enough Vietnamese food down here! Well whatever you decide, happy eating and remember you can’t live off of coffee and cigarettes, even if you are a professional musician





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