The Recording Process

September 28 ,2007

Chris D and I have been in session for a couple days now, lacing the tracks we cut in July. Shit is sounding good. I have to say, I think Chris has been improving big time as producer. I played him a bunch of new songs I’ve written since July and the response was good. We will look to cut about 10 more tracks at the end of October. We are going to set up the session by doing a mini tour in New England. We will be playing VT, NH to name a few so come out. During these shows we will be trying to focus on performing the new material.

The more I tour and make records I realize what I want a record or a show to achieve. When I record a song I want it to be something that not only makes me feel good (which is everything I write) but something that will connect with the band and the crowd. To record songs that don’t hit live is something that I try to stay away from these days. That doesn’t mean we don’t get freaky and experimental in the studio because we do. Its just that 13 years deep into making records and having blown large budgets over the years trying to catch a buzz in the studio, I know how to catch a vibe and be efficient. It’s called band practice! Imagine that…you can actually prepare for the studio by working shit out ahead of time. It was a very expensive lesson to learn though.

Back in the day, I made 5 records for Sony Music and this was during a different time in the music industry. This was when the industry was actually making money. This was before the internet basically destroyed the potency of the major label. We had budgets, real budgets and like any good aspiring rock star, I squandered many fat budgets away by taking too much time in the studio. At one or two thousand dollars a day, you can see how hanging in the studio can get real expensive real quick. Well, now we smartened up and have our own studio in Philly plus we go to the studio to work! We go to the bar to party. We go to the basement to jam and we go on tour to play.

Bringing the vibe ain’t no thing either. Music is something that’s completely ethereal. You can’t touch it you can’t hold it. It goes in you and right through. One thing is for sure though, music never lies. The more you put into it the more you get back and that’s how you get the vibe. You have to cultivate the feeling. You’re a farmer sowing the seeds of songs and every time you practice your instrument you plant another seed. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go practice.

I gotta cut a vocal

That’s real!



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