Garage Band

October 08 ,2007

Yoyo! Greetings and salutations!

I’ve been out of touch. MY BAD

I’m back. Here’s a little rundown…I’ve been, out in LA making the scene. I met with director and Brushfire records president Emmett Malloy. We had a meeting and a surf about the record. They are feeling good about the July sessions so we are moving forward to finish a record in time for an April or May release.

It was my 23rd birthday on Oct 3rd. (I’m so young…) which I celebrated at the notorious Hyde in La with some good friends. After a few days in LA I cruised home to Boston and went camping to round out my B-day week. We had a beautiful weekend at the Cape and ate many a s’mores.

Last night I had a great session at the crib demo’ing out new tracks for the upcoming Long View Farms session. I used the Garage Band program on my Mac like never before. Extra extra read all about it G. Love finally starts to catch up with modern technology. Anyway, I’m finally figuring out how to multi track my demos on the computer right in my living room. My drums are the best–beatbox all the way baby! I haven’t felt so stoked over a demo in years. Too much fun! I’m sure people make records on this thing all the time. And pretty soon I will figure this computer thing out. Then it’s over!

After my 5 hour session I rushed out to see the last set of the Fully Celebrated Orchestra. This is a most unique and amazing band comprised of Timo Shanko, Jim Hobbs and D’jango. This was the core of Jasper and the Prodigal Suns. 15 years ago they were our brother band and we both got record deals. This was during a time when getting a record deal was a million miles away. They made an amazing record but the sharks of the music business kicked them to the curb with vehemence.

Nevertheless, the Fully Celebrated Orchestra still exists and Timo is one of the stars of the Boston music circuit. Timo told me he plays around 500 gigs a year. He is a musical monster and mark my words- you will see him playing with me soon. I plan to start a new side project soon…Brass Knuckles.

That’s it for now. I’m going fishing with my Dad for a couple days then back to work. We have a mini tour coming up next week so check the web page and we will see you there.

Peace in the Middle East!




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