October 14 ,2007

Sundays are for chilling, or, if you’re gigging, blowing up the spot. Time to read and write. Sundaze are good demo days…to try out a new jam or go play on the street. Of course, you can always go chill in the park. That’s what we are doing today, chilling in the park. A little bit of hoops, some jump rope too, big wheels and footballs. Maybe order some Thai food from Rod Thai or throw something on the grill. Sundaze amaze me with the time to chill.

I’ve been continuing work on my demos for the second Down and Dirty session. I’ve been expanding my Mac Garage Band techniques and multi tracking my demos. I’ve really come to the conclusion as a recording artist that the more work one does before hitting the studio, the less work you have to do in the studio when you are paying 100 dollars an hour. Which means you can PLAY not work! 100 dollars/hour–That’s a lot to pay to practice so, might as well have your shit together ahead of time.

This time around I’m focusing especially on arrangement and my lead guitar overdubs. Because I play rhythm and lead I’ve always written and recorded my rhythm parts and then gone back and improvised a lead or noodle track to accompany the rhythm pass. Now, I’m trying to really write some lead parts ahead of time so I know what I want it to sound like. It’s also easier to be creative at home without the drummer or producer saying, “I like that” or “that shit sucks”. Trust me when I tell you, its hard to be convicted when you are tentative or uncertain. Music is all conviction. One has to believe that his music sounds good. That’s the first step. You gotta get off on your own thang! Once you are really getting off on it then it’s most likely others will get off on it too. And that’s a Sunday story from me to you!

Peace in the Middle East.



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