Monterey Music Summit

October 21 ,2007

I’m on the plane, service San Francisco to Boston. The Red Sox’s play for the pennant tonight. Last night we performed at the Monterey Music Summit on a sick nasty bill. Zap Mama, Cake, The Roots and the Special Sauce. We all rocked it. We played a solid hit definitely mixed it up from the Summer Haze tour and besides playing on the backline gear, it was nice vibes.

It just so happened that while I was in Cali there was a swell on the beautiful Central Cali coast. There was a bit of a problem though because I flew Boston-San Fran on the morning of the show, I had no time to surf. I had to find another way. My good friend AP connected me with his friends Chris and Megan and they not only offered to take me to surf with them but let me crash at their spot and drove me to the airport! I was truly blessed. Thanks Chris and Megan.

After the early show, we had a couple beers and crashed early to be ready for a 5:30 am wake up. We got up early and checked a couple spots like Carmel and then cruised up to Santa Cruz. We surfed at one of my favorite spots and caught some solid 4-6 ft surf. What a morning it was, definitely bigger in Monterey, but it was pretty gnarly so I think we made a good call.

After surfing till we were cold and ready, we jumped in the truck and headed up to the SF airport where I met up with Chris D and just like that, the Philly kids are headed back to the east side. Thanks Cali, I would live there if I could. I can’t wait till the day when I’ll be going back to Cali.

Peace in the Middle East



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