Back in the Van Again

October 24 ,2007

Time to get up, time to rise and shine, time to get—- BACK IN THE VAN. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

This is a shot out to all those traveling musicians, magicians, salesmen, truckers and any other people that are destined to roam the great highways of America and the world beyond.

This week finds me back in the dreaded 12 passenger van. The 12 passenger van is a van I know so well. I rode in this style van for just about 8 years back and forth, forth and back across this great and God loving nation. We were in those vans so long that sometimes, the opening act would show up with a tour bus and pull up right next to our van.

When we finally made it big enough to travel in a real tour bus I knew in my heart that I would never go back. Well never say never because here I am in the Holiday Inn in Springfield, Mass about to go take my seat and drive to Ithaca, NY to rock The Haunt tonight.

Luckily for your boys in GLaSS, this is just a 3 day mini run and soon enough we will be back in the bus. For 3 days it’s almost fun and we are having a lot of laughs in our cooped up misery. But thank god I paid my dues years ago because I ain’t going back!

So, here’s a special shout out to all those people on the roads running and traveling. Here’s to the musicians trying to make a living from town to town and the truckers running from coast to coast. Good luck out there and please—-DRIVE SAFE.

One love! G



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