Going to Brazil

November 06 ,2007

Hello hello, I chilling in the plane. United service to DC and continuing on to Sao Paolo, Brazil. It’s gonna be a long night but I’m looking forward to seeing a new country tomorrow morning. You see, I’ve been to Toledo, I’ve been to Sioux City, I’ve been to Paris and Lyons but I’ve never been to South America and I’ve certainly never been to Brazil.

Honestly, I haven’t even had a chance to think about this killer run I’m embarking on because I’ve been in the studio for the last 10 days. In 9 days of studio tracking we cut 15 new songs with most of the overdubbing done as well. We have been extremely efficient during the 2nd Down and Dirty session. Now we will take a couple weeks off and step away from the session while we let the cream rise to the top. I do believe we have recorded some real gems.

After waiting 4 or 5 days for Chris D to edit drums and rhythm tracks, cut background vocals and various other overdubs. I finally got my chance yesterday to step to the mic. I overdubbed guitar, vocals and harmonica on 10 tracks and basically went straight for 12 hours. Then it was wake up, pack your shit and hit the road on a dismal New England cold rainy day to make the 5:15 flight on the way to Brazil.

Luckily, I have the day off when I arrive. I need it! I’m pretty excited to play in a new country and see how the vibes are in Brazil. I’ve heard so much about this magical place. It sounds like a place just full of spirit. I’m going to go represent Philly style and show them what this hip hop blues is all about. I will be performing acoustic solo. Matt Costa will be joining me on the bill so it should be a jolly good time. My thumbs are tired of typing so I will say goodbye!

Peace in the Middle East. Bring the troops home!



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