Brazil, Day 3, Sao Paulo

November 09 ,2007

Tu tu bene! It’s all good. That’s what they say here in Brazil. It feels pretty all good to brother G too. Last night I played my show with Matt Costa at the art museum here in Sao Paulo. We played for a lively and intimate crowd. The room was kinda of boomy but the crowd was really enthusiastic and to my surprise, they were singing along with all of my jams. It really blew my mind. My first time playing down here and peeps really know and love the music. Give thanks! My only regret was that I couldn’t play every song they wanted to hear because I only had an hour!

At the end of the set I called up Donovan Frankenreiter for a version of Hot Cooking. Then we had Matt Costa and ALO join us for a big jam on “Sympathy for the Devil” too much trouble.

We went out on the town after and had some caparinas and dinner. The food here is amazing. I haven’t had one bad bite. Rice and beans, greens, plantains and whatever meat or fish you want. So good.

The Brazilian people are full of life and love and they are very friendly so we are just having a good old time. Just watch out though because though caparinas will kick your ass!

That’s it for now. I’ve been listening to the tracks we recorded at Longview. I think we have some killer sh*t. I needed to step away from them for a couple days and even these really rough mixes sound nicey nice.

Peace in the Middle East. Bring the troops home.




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