Ready for Rio the City of God

November 12 ,2007

4 days in Sao Paulo and we are off to Rio. Sao Paulo was happening. Aside from a real nice acoustic solo show I had, I sat in with Donavon the following night, hit a samba club and drank too many Caiparinhas. Ugh. I’m ready to get to the beach.

This is the full on Brushfire Records tour with Donavon, Matt Costa, ALO and yours truly. There is definitely a lot of camaraderie between all the groups. Our touring party is 35 people which is great except it makes check in at the airports a pain in the ass. On a high note there are definitely plenty of peeps to hang with….

Donavon is getting ready to record a new record and we are going to sess out today. As a songwriter, I have too many songs that never get put out. A record can only have 10-16 tunes or so and I usually record 20-60 songs per record. I have recorded 24 songs for the new record so I will have 10 slamming tracks left over. Maybe Donavon will like one.

Making records is a crazy thing and sometimes hit songs don’t make the record because they just don’t seem to fit in at the time. An example is “Milk and Cereal”. My A&R guy at the time Michael Caplan refused to put this on the Philadelphonic record. This song is on the Front Porch Loungin’ bootleg (unofficial release). That said anytime I can place a song in a good home it’s a blessing.

On another note we are off to a Favela (the ghetto) much like City Of God today to try and see some music and possibly video the experience. The Favela’s are almost entire cities that are dangerously amazing in Rio. They are sun drenched in, violence, music, and poverty all set to the landscape of the beautiful South American coast. We will be taken to the Favela to see the band AfroReggae who put on shows in the Favela to give back to the community that the musicians came up in. I am hoping that the vibes will be positive and that we will be blessed with an amazing musical and cultural experience. I hope no guns go off (something that happens all the time in the Favela). If anyone has seen the movie “City of God” then you will know where I’m going.

Peace in the Middle East! Bring the troops home




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