Thanks Brazil

November 19 ,2007

Its 38 degrees cold, damp and windy. I am back in Boston. Damn, I’m missing that Brazilian vibration right about now!

We had a wonderful tour. The only problem was that we only played 3 shows in 13 days so there were too many days off. Musically, the tour really became unified with both ALO and Matt Costa’s band becoming a house band for Donavon and myself. We really had some great jams and there was a real unity amongst all of the musicians. Check out my station phillyglove to see some of the jams.

When I look back on the tour and Brazil in general I have a lot of highlights in my mind. However I think the greater purpose of the trip was for me to write this new joint called “Peace, Love and Happiness”. I wrote this song the minute I got back to my room after playing for the children of the favella (ghetto). I was both uplifted and ashamed when I went to the favella. To see people living in such squalor in a huge, rich city…I’ve never seen poverty like this except on TV. Where everything seems so far away. I was uplifted by the undaunted spirit of the youth. I was ashamed that I haven’t done enough personally and that our country and their country has allowed so much of the world to exist in such dire poverty. I was impressed to find out that Jack Johnson had donated 10,000 dollars to build the structure where the children have their surf school. I plan to help with a donation as well.

So Brazil really made me think about the condition of the world. So much beauty and so much pain. Ahhhhhhhhh

I want to give a big shout out to the other bands, artists, photographers and film makers who traveled with me. So many memories and without a doubt I will be back to Brazil!

One love,




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