Viva Atlantic City, Baby!

November 29 ,2007

I got a call from my Mom today, She was driving down the AC expressway from Philly to the Jersey shore and there it was, a shining beacon of commercial brilliance, the great achievement of corporate America, the long arm of Clear Channel, the litter of the sunset view…A billboard! And not just any billboard, there on the side of the 3rd most famous highway in New Jersey, was a giant roadside billboard announcing our December 30th show at the Borgata Casino.

I’ve made it! I’ve made the bigtime baby. Next will be Vegas! No seriously, I was pretty siked. Being from Philly and all, Atlantic City has been a big part of my later high school and college drop out years. I’ve lost so much money down there over the years I’m sure I could probably afford to rent that sign for at least a week!

Well its pretty cool for my parents, at least now all of their friends will have to admit that I do have a job! Anyways thanks to all the people in Philly, Jersey and beyond for helping us achieve this victory against corporate America. But now back to the lab, the war still rages!

Peace in the Middle East!




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