Running to the New Year

December 29 ,2007

Did everybody make it through the holidays alright? I hoped you loved, sang, ate good food, were only slightly annoyed with your family, enjoyed the kids, gave and received, kissed your mom and punched your brother, got a kiss under the mistletoe and prayed a lot to the higher powers for everything that you had to pray and be thankful for, “What a wonderful time of the year!”

Now as I sit in the airport here in Boston I suddenly find myself back in the game. I’m headed to Denver for a huge show tonight at the Fillmore Theatre. I’m supporting Yonder Mountain String Band. The unique aspect of this gig is that I get to play a solo acoustic set. This is always a positive thing and something that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s just me, my harps, guitars, a microphone and 45 minutes to make it happen. Playing solo acoustic is an amazing trip because there is nothing to fall back on and a song is truly a song. But don’t worry I get my jam on! That’s the best thing about a harmonica rack…there’s always a jam.

After Denver I’m off to Atlantic City probably almost the opposite gig from mountain loving Colorado to the Borgata Casino! Well shit, if you want to know the truth I love them both. Even though I sing “I can’t go back to Jersey” I truly always (and often) go back to Jersey and I love every stinking minute of it! I travel a lot of places to play my music and honestly, most of them are more beautiful than Philly. Sometimes I wish I would’ve lived somewhere else but then I think, “yo! What are yous guys thinking, you’re freaking crazy. Yous guys can’t beat Philly!” (That’s me talking to my many personalities…)

After AC its NYC for NYE. I couldn’t think of a better spot to rock it…the Blender Theatre on 23rd St. Yeah boyee. Then I’m finishing this record and heading out on tour. The record is almost finished and now is when you take this little baby out into the mean old world and see if it can make it. I think he’s gonna be alright because I gave it everything I got and that’s my word. Woooooord up. Its feeling hot to me I just have to pick the best tracks and I’m home free. The last 2 songs I recorded are some of my favorites. “Peace, Love and Happiness” and “Superhero Brother”. Both of which I plan on playing tonight in Denver.

If you aren’t in Denver and you are in Philly. Go check out Mark Boyce (GLASS keyboards) in Philly at the Green Rock Tavern on Lehigh Ave with his band Krass Brothers. How Philly is that?!? Yo Eagles Mark! Have a real good show tonight down dere!

That’s that. Keep on Keeping on. Three days left to ice this cake called 2007




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