Peace, Love and Happiness

January 04 ,2008

I’m on the Amtrak regional headed from Philly up to NYC. I’ve got a photo shoot tomorrow with my old friend and photographer Brandon Finney. I just spent the last three days in studio finishing up with the Houseman and Mark Boyce and my remaining touchups for the new record. We are really closing in on it now and we will deliver the finished record by Feb 14th. It feels good–real good. Of course we have too many tracks to fit on one album so the hard part is here choosing which tracks make the cut and which will be released as b sides on the internet and overseas. It’s always a tough call. Then of course I have to name the record. My working title has always been “Down and Dirty” but now there are a couple different titles in the lineup.

I spent today overdubbing on my favorite new jam “Peace, Love and Happiness” and a classic from my side project Lottery titled “Lottery” which GLASS recut for the new record. That joint sounds sick. I also cut vox on the smoked out “Who’s got the Weed”. Today was one of those good days in the studio where everything is clicking and I was on it. I will be back in Philly next week for 2 days and that should wrap it for me.

On other news, Barack Obama housed the competition at the Iowa Caucus with an eloquent and passionate speech that was highly publicized on the post-caucus commentary. My Dad is a big Obama supporter and even though I’ve been pulling for Clinton I might need to jump on the band wagon soon. Anyway, it is time for a change and I’m excited that I have a record coming out during the election year. It’s funny because even though this record feels like a party a lot of the tracks are politically conscious.

I just arrived at Penn station.

Peace out! G



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