Back In Business

January 16 ,2008

I’m on the plane going to Minne for the first show of 2008. Here we go. Bring it on! Last time I played Minneapolis we got to catch a late night show by Prince at the very club we will be rocking tonight…the legendary First Ave. First Ave is surely a rock and roll institution and was made famous when Prince filmed “Purple Rain” there.

I’ve had so many great shows at First Ave through the years. You see Minneapolis has always represented so hard for GLASS since the very beginning. Thankyou! I will never forget when we did our first US tour in the spring of 1994 and we pulled into Minne. We were looking for some club called the Uptown Dinner. We were getting close when we peeped this long line of people standing outside of some funky old dinner and we said, “I wonder what those people are lining up for”. Then we looked at the address and realized that was the gig and that the peeps were coming to see us jam. What a crazy feeling as it was our first time ever in the Midwest!

We surely rocked that night and it was the first time we played a real long 2 hour plus set. Anyways, we will rock it again tonight like we always do. I’m definitely looking forward to get back on the stage after being in the studio. We are almost finished the record and it’s the hardest part. Choosing the songs and really making sure everything is tight. Sometimes you get so inside the music in the studio you need to get out on the road and let it all hang out. That’s just what I’m gonna do tonight.

See you there!

Peace -G



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