Phreezing Phunk

January 20 ,2008

Well it’s been a very cold and very inspirational first week of tour. The band is playing great and the crowds in the freezing cold Mid West have been off the chain. Thank you!

First Avenue was a hot vibe to start the tour with and all the shows have been sick. Shouts out to Milwaukee, Cleveland and especially strong shouts out to Detroit where we had our biggest show yet to a sold out crowd at the Royal Oak. Siiiiiick.

We are very happy to have the Wood Brothers on the bill with us. Chris Wood is Bass player extraordinaire from Medeski, Martin and Wood who GLASS has always been big fans of. Of course, John Medeski played all of the keyboards on the Electric Mile record so we’ve been jamming for awhile. Last night we ended the first set with the Wood Brothers sitting in and a dueling double bass solo by Jim and Chris. Two of the best on the circuit in my humble opinion.

A couple more Highlights have been Honor and Harmony and the newly recorded Super Hero Brother. With the elections going on this song feels very potent…Well its Sunday and I’ve got the day off. I’m gonna go jam and watch the football games. I’m calling it now. Pat’s-Greenbay in the Superbowl. I want Farve to win it but the Pats are gonna do it. They are too good…God bless em. Whether you are a NE fan or not you have to recognize greatness!

Peace in the Middle East




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