Questions from an 11 year old for Etrend

January 31 ,2008

So a friend of mine has an 11 year old niece who publishes a little magazine called Etrend. She asked me three questions so I figured I would share this brief interview with y’all. Enjoy!

1. How did you get your start as a rock star?
G: When I was 16 it was my dream to make a living playing music. I started playing on the street at 17 and that led to coffee shop gigs. I made some demos and met my band and pretty soon I was living my dream! It took a lot of practice and dedication but if you really believe in your dream and work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true.

2. Is it true you had a song in Curious George?
G: Yes. I have a song called “Jungle Gym” in the movie Curious George. My friend Jack Johnson did the soundtrack and score for the movie and he asked me to submit a song. I wrote “Jungle Gym” for my son because we both were raised in the city.

3. Did you have any jobs before your singing career?
G: I had a lot of dirty jobs. Dishwasher, Garbageman, Recycler, Short-order cook and Prep Chef. I also had a job raising money for an organization called Peace Action which lobbied for economic conversion and to put an end to nuclear weapons testing.



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