Tour Rap/Giants win

February 05 ,2008

Well, I’m just getting ready to head back to Boston. Chicago is a raining, sleety mess and the tour is over. That will be the last blizzard tour for G. Love. It definitely got the best of me with that bad cold I got! I really wanna apologize again to our Iowa fans for cancelling that show. I also want to thank the fans in Kansas, St. Louis and Chicago for putting up with my sick voice. Despite being completely ill I thought we actually put on some pretty hot shows. Great crowds and the band sure played tight.

That was our biggest show in Chitown yet, a sold out Riviera Theater…who woulda thunk it! Now I’m headed home still on voice rest for a couple days. I will start training with my excellent vocal coach Shirley Gherson and get ready to hit the studio for a couple days before I head to AZ. I’ve got this cool tune “Honey” I’m gonna lay down. This will most likely be the last song which I cut for the new record. It’s a cool little romancing tune that feels kinda like Beautiful or Hot Cooking, but it’s got its own thang for sure. Watch out.

How about the Super bowl??!! I sure feel bad for the Houseman and Skrimp! The big Skrimp went to the game and the whole 9. The Giants sure put up a hell of a fight. They looked good. Even though it would have been amazing for the Patriots to go undefeated and join the ’72 Dolphins, the Giants deserved the W. Me, I’ve always liked to be an underdog and I still feel like one. I say let the underdawgs have their day! Go Eli. But remember as a true Philly Eagles fan I can only support the Giants for today then I gotta go back to saying “F–k the Giants!” And for all you NE fans out there…what do you want??! You got the Sox, the Celtics and KG, you went to the Super bowl and you’ll probably have a good chance of getting to the super bowl next year. The Eagles haven’t won a super bowl for almost 50 years! What happened happened that’s for sure. Maybe now I can get a date with Gisele.

That’s it for now,

Peace in the Middle East




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