February 08 ,2008

Thank God it’s Friday-

Now that I have a kid in first grade this saying makes sense again. I have to wake up at 6:30 am every day and get my kid to school. The messed up thing is that my whole life I’ve always wondered why my parents always woke up so early and hated me sleeping in when I was a teenager. The reason they couldn’t sleep in was because they had just spent the last 15 years waking up early for their kids!

Having babies, among many wonderful joys, equals having less sleep. I guess most people get used to it. It sure is tough on us musicians though. I mean our gig is all about the late night. Late night shows, late night studio sessions, late night shenanigans. That’s fine when you are on tour. But when I come home from tour my schedule is completely turned around. Instead of going to sleep at 3 am I gotta wake up at 6:30. Ouch. That’s why, I for one, am saying- Thank God it’s Friday!

Enjoy your weekend.

Peace in the Middle East- G



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