Flagstaff and Tulsa Cancelled

February 17 ,2008

Hey all it is a low down sick G. Love that with great regret writes this post. Due to an ongoing throat issue from that bad winter bug I got I’m forced to cancel two more shows. We will not be performing at Flagstaff or Tulsa. I have been benched by my voice doctor so that I do not do any long-term damage to my vocal chords. In all the fifteen years I’ve been touring I’ve only missed a handful of shows so you know it is killing me to do this.

My heart is hurting as I want nothing more than to be onstage right now but I have to rest. I promise I will be back to Flagstaff and Tulsa and I will make it up to you guys. I’m sorry to put you through the hassle of getting your refunds and the whole 9.

Once again I apologize for any inconveniences we have caused you due to these cancellations. When I’m better I will be back to play for you all.

Thanks for your continued support


Garrett G. Love Dutton



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