Recovery Road

February 19 ,2008

I’m in my bunk on the long road to Houston. We stayed in El Paso yesterday and are currently in the process of overnighting to San Antonio. I haven’t talked for 2 days. I have another 2 days full vocal rest till we crank it up in Houston. I still feel really bad about cancelling Flagstaff and Tulsa but I will be back!

I wanted to say thanks for all of your kind words, understanding and health tips! You all really lifted my spirits with your comments. Just want to let you know I’m really gonna be alright! Just a couple more days then I’m back to school.

Well, this drive is sure long and very uninspiring, stripmalls and highways for days. I’ve just been playing a lot of guitar and trying to communicate without talking. It’s pretty hilarious actually and I appreciate the patience of the band and crew but I think they are over it!

It just goes to show you how important our health is. One day you’re riding around having the time of your life, in good shape and just living it up and the next minute you’re on the sideline with some stupid injury or illness. Just like that everything changes. So stay up and stay positive and treat your body like the temple it is!





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