Texas Hots

February 24 ,2008

Man…Texas was off the chain! After my 4.5 days of vocal rest I was able to sing pretty good in Houston and everynight I’ve been getting stronger. The vibes in Texashave been just really happening. It was so beautiful yesterday in Austin I coulda cried. Well, I don’t know about that, but it was the first time I had seen the sun in what felt like a solid month.

Right now, I’m on the plane to Boston for the double day off. See my kid, see my vox coach Shirley, open the mail, do the laundry and eat Trader Joes frozen French toast. And take another 2 days vox rest. I think I will def be back to normal soon.

So we jammed Houston on Thursday night to a full house at the Marquee. On Friday we played the HOB in Dallas to our first sold out crowd at the HOB there. Check this out, Bob Dylan played the early show so we got to enjoy his whole set. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to see Bob Dylan, a man who has inspired the world so much. I’ve had such a strong personal experience throughout my formative years with Dylan. So much time I’ve spent listening to and playing his music…

Dylan is the only one of my idols who I’ve never personally met. I’ve probably had the opportunity to meet him once or twice but it has never worked out. I’m kind of trying not to meet him I think. I don’t know I kind of want to keep him in supernatural status. There’s really nothing I can say to him except “thanks for a lifetime”. His music surely has given me that. Anyway, I saw the great man from afar. I tried to get him to sign my guitar but no luck! Well, I can’t be too mad its Dylan. But damn that would have been sick on the front of my J45. Ahhhhhhhh

Anyway, Dallas was sick. Austin was off the charts. We finally sold out Stubbs as well. Great show and babyback ribs. We just want to thank you all for coming out. We love playing for you. Tristan Prettyman is killing it everynight, the Philadelphonic crew rolls on and so it goes on the road.





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