Only in the South

March 06 ,2008

Hey y’all! Spring has sprung in South Carolina. I walked off the bus to the luxurious Comfort Inn and felt like a new man when that sun kissed my face. It rained so hard yesterday up in Boone, but today that raging storm is long gone…

The more I travel around the good ole USA, the more I like playing in the south. I’m on the last week of this tour and headed straight for the grand finale, Langerado. I’m pumped for Langerado. There is so much good music on Friday night when we play including the Roots and the Beastie Boys. I just know I’m gonna be ready. We play SC, Athens then shoot down to FLA to wind it up. Three more shows! I’m gonna make them slamming!

We had a great session in Philly during the double day off. We recorded “Honey”, “Wontcha Come Home” and “Soft and Sweet”. Now Chris D has a week to finish the mixes and we deliver the record. I can’t believe we are really almost finished. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

See you soon




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