Greetings From Australia

March 16 ,2008

Its 7:22 am in Fremantle, Australia. I played the West Coast Blues fest last night and I’m still buzzing. I’m lying in bed thinking I’m going to go back to sleep…and its not working. Jet lag is a bitch.

Anyways, truth be told, I’m still buzzing about the last two nights. So much good music! We arrived in Sydney 2 days ago in the early morning. After another attempt at sleep we were whisked of to Centennial Park to sound check for the big Jack Johnson concert. Believe it or not, I hadn’t seen Jack for over 2 years. We didn’t miss a beat and Jack was his same old self. He is just about the biggest rockstar on the planet and you wouldn’t even know it.

We went over the tunes I would sit in on and then I laid down in the dressing room and pretended to sleep again. We played that night for Jack’s crowd of 30,000 people! That’s a lot of people. It was a cool show. Even though the travel had us spun out, everyone stepped up. We played a song from the forthcoming record “Wiggle Worm”. It was funny because I think that was the song that got the strongest reaction. The hiphop blues in full effect.

I sat in with Jack for 6 songs that night. We did:

Stepping Stones
Rodeo Clowns
Mud Football
Rainbow, Angel
Better Together

For not having jammed for almost 3 years we had a real nice hit. Jack just keeps on cruising as sweet and mellow as ever. Go Jack! At the end of my GLaSS tour, I will stay on his tour for a couple shows to sit in. Damn, this is just a warm up for the full JJ/G. Love tour in Europe this summer.

Stay tuned for more news from Down Under.





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