G. Love, Philly Frank, Kelly Slater

March 19 ,2008

My Australian trip just keeps getting better and better. Today we had off in Melbourne. After the three days of horrendous travel, that’s exactly what I needed. My new TM Philly Frank and I rented a car and drove to Bells beach. Bells just happens to be holding the big Rip Curl Pro surf contest now and the town was swarming with pros. We went to link up with 8 time world champion Kelly Slater for a surf. Kelly had to try out a couple new boards and we were dying to get in the water.

Frank and I rented some boards and wetsuits. It was crazy on the way to meet Kelly we go by the Subway to get a sandwich and who is there but Andy Irons and Dane Reynolds. So cool. All the best surfers in the world were all in this little beach town getting ready to tear sh!t up

We picked up Kelly and hung for a second at this cool pad in the woods then surfed it up. I broke my board on the 3rd wave. Ahhhhh it cost me 90 bucks! Anyways, it was def worth the money and luckily Kelly had an extra board so my surf was salvaged. Now I’m off to bed to get some jetlag induced sleep.

My show is here in Melbourne tomorrow and I’m ready boyee




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