G. Love, Ozo, OAR Australian tour Wrap

March 24 ,2008

Last night we jammed Brisbane and wrapped up our tour. We had the Summer Haze reunion with our good friends Ozomatli and also got to get to know the good brethren of OAR. OAR did their first Australian tour and it looked like they had a blast.

We played the East Coast Blues fest in Byron bay…this in one of those classic festivals kind of like the Bonnaroo of Oz. I have played this festival 4 or 5 times and this time we had the honor of headlining the Jambalaya stage. We rocked a big crowd of 10,000 people. It was definitely my biggest gig I’ve played in Australia. I just want to thank all the peeps for coming out and rocking with us. What a vibe! We had sit ins from my mentor, blues legend, John Hammond and also Ozo sat in as well.

Before my set I was blessed to see John Butler perform solo. He really killed it. He is a tremendous new artist and one of the best acoustic players out there. Very inspirational and I was really moved. Directly after his set, I went to see John Hammond play an incredibly inspired solo set. He played a couple of the songs I produced for “Push Comes to Shove” like “Heart Ache Blues” and “You know That’s Cold”. JH killed it. At first I watched from the side stage but then I had to go to the front of house. I was able to watch from the second row and it was just so emotional for me. John Hammond has influenced me more than any musician on this planet past or present. I watched him and I was more moved than ever. When he played the blues I couldn’t help the emotions welling up inside of me and tears were in my eyes as he stomped his foot and put every ounce of soul into that music. I hadn’t felt like that watching music ever. It’s hard to describe but it just hit me.

After that, I just had to throw down and I felt good to do my thing. What a tour. Now I’m sitting at a cafe in Melbourne. I’m not done yet! I’m going to sit in on the next 3 Jack Johnson shows in Melbourne and Adelaide. It should be a blast.

Thanks to the good people and music lovers of Australia for vibing with us.

Peace in the Middle East

Spoonie G



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