Photoshoot with Autumn de Wilde and my trip to LA

April 08 ,2008

I’ve been on the run as usual and after the Australian run I went to LA for a photoshoot to make a general ruckus. I had two photoshoots, the first one was for Shure Microphones. I’ve been using a Shure sm57 since I was a street musician in Philly and I’m proud to say I have used them for just about every gig since then. My friend Bill at Shure is running a G. Love using Shure mic campaign so that’s pretty freaking cool with me. Thanks to Bill and Shure.

We were also most blessed to shoot with rising star photog, Autumn de Wilde. Aside from shooting all the brushfire artists, she has shot Beck since 95 and was Elliot Smith’s personal photographer as well. She most recently did the new Raconteurs’ video which is killer. Check it on youtube. I had an amazing day with Autumn and we really connected. I am about to check the photos and I’m guessing I’m going to really be pleased. Anyways, Autumn’s got the skills to pay the bills and it was a real pleasure.

After my shoot, I hit the town and ended up at the Hotel Cafe. Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine was performing with his side project and hosting an evening of political based jams. I ran into Boots Riley who was also fresh off the plane from Oz. Boots hooked it up so I could get up and jam. I invited my friend, the beautiful Mariqueen, from West Indian Girl to harmonize on my new jam “Peace, Love and Happiness”. It was a really cool hit and all the musicians were real cool. Also in the house were, Sen-Dog, Everlast, Ben Harper and Zacharia. It was an inspiring evening of conscious acoustic funk. Its real cool that Tom Morello has this venue and it’s an amazing outlet for the myriad of musicians passing through LA to come get down!

Now I’m back in Beantown and I’m off for a couple weeks–stay tuned!



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