Tristan Says Hello

April 23 ,2008

Yo everybody what’s up? I’m dropping a line to tell you that my good friend and partner in crime Tristan Prettyman has just released her new record “Hello”. It’s really very tasty and as I write this I’m listening to it. Every song is just flowing through my mind in the nicest way, soothing my worried soul. I highly recommend checking it out…

Tristan told me she wrote a song about the Philly kid as well. Its called “Handshake” so check it out. Anyways, I’m so pumped for Tristan who has done amazing this week so thanks to everyone who picked up her record because she is gonna make a big splash today on the Billboard top 200 charting in the top 30. That’s a pretty huge feat! I’m just excited about the music and how well its being received. Spread the word.

With luck and love, the Superhero Brother- G



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