Video Shoot

April 28 ,2008

Greetings friends…The new record drops on June 24th and is titled “Superhero Brother”. Thanks so much for your help with the title. “Down and Dirty” was a close second but SHB won out.

The first single is a tune called “Peace, Love and Happiness”. I wrote this tune in Brazil immediately after Donovan Frankenriter and I played for the surfer children of the Favella. I was so inspired by these energetic youths and the love and light that they emanated during our outreach that I went right to my room and wrote “Peace, Love and Happiness” in 1 hour and played it for the children at the concert that night!

We are all set to shoot the video on May 1st in LA. Director Steven Oritt, who also shot and directed our documentary, “A Year and A night” will direct the PLH video. The video concept is simple I’m going to be hanging out the side of a chopper flying over Los Angeles. My Mother is all kinds of worried but I really can’t wait! Stay tuned.

Peace, Love and Happiness!



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