Peace, Love & Happiness

May 19 ,2008

This week it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the new GLaSS single, “Peace, Love and Happiness”. This song is 15 years in making and it’s a slamming summer jam. I wrote this song when I toured Brazil last November. During the tour I had the opportunity to go to one of the biggest Favellas (ghettos) in Rio and perform with Donavon Frankenreiter for about 30 children. The children were involved in a surf outreach program. The program infused music and surfing in a positive clubhouse atmosphere to keep these kids off the streets and in the water.

One afternoon before soundcheck we played for the children and got to hang out for a couple of hours. I was so enlightened by the energy and the positivity coming out of these kids. These poverty stricken kids were born into these ghetto cities controlled by drug lords and ruled by violence and despair yet they exuded this tremendous love and honestly I hadn’t felt so inspired in a long time. These people were such good people. They just need a chance! The minute I got home I penned the song Peace, Love and Happiness. Later that night I played it for the kids who were old enough to come to the show. It was just an amazing day.

Soon after I got stateside I went into the Philadelphonic studios and recorded the song. 6 months later the song was chosen as the 1st single off my new record Superhero Brother (release 6/24). We shot the video in La last month with director Steven Oritt. I hope it makes you feel as good to listen to as it does for me to play. And mark my words, I will be back to play for those kids and continue to be involved at the surf spot in Rio the Rocinha Surfe Escola. They are sponsored by the Surfrider foundation. To find out more check out

Thanks! And good listening- Peace, Love and Happiness




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