A Week in NYC

June 02 ,2008

I’m off to Montauk, NY to play my gig for the Barefoot Wine beach cleanup with Tristan Prettyman. We have just had an amazing week in NYC and I want to share some of the highlights.

We got into a nice routine of jamming in central park in the afternoon. There’s this killer field called Sheeps Meadow where everyone kicks it. We would sit out and jam while the sun sunk behind the skyscrapers. The other day we kicked it with the actor Jenna Malone (Into the Wild, Donnie Darko). Jenna was surely spunky and a real free spirit! She also has this amazing singing voice. I thought she sounded like Nico of the Velvet Underground so we proceeded to sing VU songs for an hour. Rock and Roll. What a jam!

Tristan got in town last night so we all met up for some drinks at the Bowery Hotel and kicked it. Tristan is doing press all day to support her new record “Hello” and I’m doing the same to get ready for my new record “Superhero Brother” which hits stores on June, 24th. So its craziness in the Philadelphonic Phamily! NYC is too much. It’s like McDonalds, “I’m lovin it-“.

Please request the new track “Peace, Love and Happiness” on your local radio station.

Thanks! G



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