Inspired at the Moma

June 03 ,2008

I recently had a chance to meet artist/designer Mark Ecko and at his recommendation we went to see this amazing exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The study in light and media by Olafur Eliasson is outstanding.

One of the installations which was especially interesting was the rooms that were lit with monochromatic fluorescent lights. The effect of these particular light bulbs is stunning. The light allows you to only see in black and white. I felt like I was inside of an old black and white film. I highly recommend going to this exhibit. Definitely take your better half because it is strangely romantic.

While we were there we went and looked at the wonderful collections of Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, Dekooning, Jackson Pollack, Monet, Miro and the list goes on.

Looking at these important pieces is truly inspirational for me. I wish I could sing the painting. As a musician who has been able to make a living doing my art, I am grateful and I am always on the lookout for up and coming painters to add to my own small collection.

So, if you get a chance to hit NYC up. Go get inspired at the Moma. What a day- G

Ps. Please request my new single- “Peace, Love and Happiness” at your local radio station! Thanks



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