June 09 ,2008

Konichiwa–it means hello in Japanese. I’m on the 5:40 am flight from Beantown to Chitown for a 7 hour layover before my 14 hour flight to Japan. The things I do for love. It’s all good though in 2 hours, I will be passed out on the floor of O’Hare Intl’ with my alarm set for noon thirty ready to make the 12:57 to Narita. There was a ton of weather yesterday and many flights were cancelled so my nice 10:30 am was bumped up to 5:40. What an awkward time of the day. I’m not used to waking up then, going to bed then? Yes. Waking up then? No!

I’m off to Tokyo for a press tour for SHB which drops 6/24/08. This should be fun. 12 hours of interviews and waiting around for three days, then back to hometown Philly for the Jimmy Buffett show. I’m ready to go to Margaritaville right now I tell ya.

This is something like my 24th trip to Japan. I have been around this wonderful world so many times. The Japanese culture is so thick. I remember going to Tokyo for the first time in 1996. I was blown away. There were very few foreigners and everyone was, well, Japanese. To look out of the window at the Shibuya Hotel Excel during rush hour and see all those people was a unique cultural experience and really so different from America.

I have always loved going to Japan. I think my favorite part of the Japanese culture is the cuisine. The culinary arts of Japan are so elevated and the food is so detailed. I will go so far as to say that the Japanese, not the French, have the finest cuisine and chefs in the world. From cheap eats on the streets, to the haute cuisine of Tokyo’s finest restaurants, the food is always on time. It’s especially on time if you enjoy trying new and different foods. I have eaten some crazy things in Japan. Raw chicken, raw liver, fish that was still moving, you get the idea…

In Japan the cuisine changes regionally. Every city and town has different specialties which they’ve perfected over the centuries. Each town loves to boast of their hometown specialties. In Kyoto, it’s the Eel, in Osaka its Takoyaki (octopus balls). Mmmmmmm don’t you wanna eat some octopus balls!?? They’re not balls…they’re fritters!

Anyways, I’m getting hungry thinking about the Ramenshop, the sushi and everything else. So really, what’s a 23 hour travel day and 3 days of interviews when I know I’m gonna get my eat on? Not a thing. I bet you’re gonna go get sushi right now.

Peace, Love and Happiness


PS: Thanks to everyone for requesting the new single “Peace, Love and Happiness” on radio. Its working!



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