Countdown to SHB Release

June 19 ,2008

What’s up Pham?

I’m on the train up to Boston. The Celtics have won the NBA Finals and are the world champs! Go Celts. I have to say Kobe and the new Lakers are a lot more likable than the former champion Lakers. I would have been happy for them as well but I have to say what a great day for Paul Pierce, KG and Ray Allen. Props to Rondo for being the sickest new point guard in the league. I guess the parade was today and finished up 2 blocks from my crib!

In less than a week, Superhero Brother drops. Oh shit! Oh yeah! I’ve been on the radio/press blitz for a week now and I must have played Peace, Love and Happiness 50 times. That’s all good with me. I think I could sing that tune all day and be inspired. It feels good to sing those lyrics I tell you. I can’t really remember being so fired up about a record release ever. Maybe because it’s our 10th record, maybe because Lemonade did so well I don’t know. I can barely sit still. This is good because they’ve got me working like a dog. Last night I playing the First Act guitar shop in Boston. The past two weeks I’ve been in Japan, Philly, NYC and now Boston. I got to go on the big stage with Jimmy Buffett in Philly town. What a great crowd. I played the WMMR morning show with my old friends Preston and Steve. That shit was hilarious! I played a bunch of cool radio stations in Philly and New York and I want to say thanks to all those stations for their support.

Below is a list of all the stations around the country that are spinning our new single Peace, Love and Happiness. If you know the station please call and request some GLaSS. Thanks so much! Peace- G

WAPS – Akron
KDBB – Park Hills
KPND – Sandpoint , ID
KLRR – Bend
WTTS – Indianapolis
KPTL – Des Moines
KFOG – San Fran
WNTI – Hacketstown, NJ
KZMV – Breckenridge
KLRR – Bend Or
WCLZ – Portland Maine
WXRV – Boston
WRNR – Baltimore Annapolis
WCOO – Charleston
WMMM – Madison, WI
KBCO – Denver
KTHX – Reno, NV
WDST – Woodstock
WOCM – Ocean City, MD
WTMD – Baltimore
WYEP – Pittsburgh
WCNR – Charlottesville
WNRN- Charlottesville
WCBE – Columbus, OH
WFPK – Louisville
KSUT – Durango, CO
KOHO – Washington State radio network.
Music Choice
WNKU – Cincinnati
WHRV – Virginia Beach
KPTL – Des Moines
WERS – Boston
KVSF – Sante Fe
KRSH – Santa Rosa
Sirius Spectrum
XM Café
WBJB – Monmouth NJ
WEXT – Albany
WXPN – Philly
WUIN – Wilmington, NC
WVOD – Outerbanks
KTBG – Kansas City
KBAC – Sante Fe
KTAO – taos
KFMU – Steamboat Springs
KMTN – Jackson, WY
KSPN – Aspen
WBSD – Burlington, VT



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