Touchdown in Lisbon

June 26 ,2008

Well I just touched down in Lisbon and I’m standing in this slow-ass immigration line waiting to flash my passport. We flew in right over the rising sun and there seemed to be some good waves breaking along the coast. I don’t think I will be able to go search it out though as my tour starts today. The record dropped on Tuesday and it’s cruising up the charts. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everyone is gonna buy it and love it.

We are touring all over Europe with Jack Johnson. The crowds are going to be massive every night. I’m completely ready to get back to work here. Enough of sitting around, give me my harps, my guitar and a mic and I’m free.

I’m glad I finally made it over here. Yesterday, I had a ridiculous flight routing. Boston to Charlotte to Charlotte to Newark to Lisbon. The problem was that the Charlotte to Newark flight was delayed and I missed the flight to Lisbon. Ahhhhhhhhh I was so pissed. It all worked out though as I got to have a night in NYC that actually did feel like a record release party instead of sitting on the plane. Now, I’m just praying my bags are here in Portugal because I really want to put a clean t shirt on.

That’s it for now, remember the new record “Superhero Brother” is in stores and Itunes now so please check it out.





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