July 09 ,2008

Well you already know I’m Philly born and bred, I’m living in Boston, I’m loving NYC like no other but I’m here in Paris and I think I have to claim Paris as the best city in the world. This city is just magic. Every block is like a pleasant surprise and whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here.

Its show day today and I’m sitting at a cafe on Rue de Rennes and Rue St. Palcide. I’m gonna have a cafe au lait and a crepe avec confiture de fraise. So nice. Even if you can’t speak French–you know that sounds good!

Man, people are styling here in Paris and the ladies look lovely. It’s a beautiful summer day. It’s just perfect.

I’m about to go do some radio show with fellow BF recording artist Mason Jennings. Later in the day Zach Gill and I will perform on the street by Montparnasse. Emmett Malloy has been shooting a lot of stage performance and behind the scenes footage on this tour. He has gotten some amazing footage and I’m anxious to see what he will make with it. There’s footage of Jack, Jimmy Buffett and me jamming backstage, cool footage of Jack, Mason, Zach and I practicing rainbow and some cool surf footage as well.

The record release is going well and I want to thank you all for your support. I can’t wait to get back to the states to tour on Superhero Brother. Remember to get your tix for the GLASS, John Butler Trio, Tristan Prettyman shows soon as they are going fast! And we will see you out there for another hazy summer!

One- G



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