Lollapalooza Wrap

August 05 ,2008

On Sunday afternoon we had an hour on the main stage at Lollapalooza. I gotta give mad props to the Chitown audience. We really had each other going, just a great crowd full of beautiful energy. The band was tight as gnat booty and the beats were crack-a-lacking. After the show, I felt on a natural high for the rest of the night.

I got to kick it with CeeLo of Gnarles Barkley and watch their sick show followed by Chicago’s own Kayne West. Kayne West isn’t the most likeable artiste out there in my mind. He gets a lot of press and seems to always say some real cocky sh!t that just makes him easy to hate on. But I have to say when he hit the stage at Lolla he was electric. I was just really inspired. Sometimes, live hip hop can be a drag, but I’m telling you he nailed it. Every time I watch another act onstage I learn something. Either something not to do, or something I definitely should do. With Kayne I was truly inspired and learned a lot from his performance. Way to hit it Kayne! I was even more honored to have been able to bless the same main stage that he performed on

Anyways, our tour is off to a tremendous start and all bands have been putting on some very inspired shows. What an inspiration sweet music is. We can’t wait to see you peeps soon!

One- SHB- Garrett!



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