Midwest Rocks

August 07 ,2008

I woke up today back in Columbus, Ohio. Last night we had a tight show in Indianapolis, IN. What a great crowd and the vibe was on. The band is on a nice creative flow right now and spirits are high. Our biggest challenge, as always, is trying to fit all the material in the show that we want to play. The new record plays so well live that it’s a pleasure to hit these tracks. The more we play them live the more cool transformations they go through. That’s why I always say, songs are just like children, you give them love and they grow into these amazing people. Or you could also say songs are like plants, you water them and watch them grow. Or songs are just like chicken breasts, you marinate them and they become full of flavor. Of course, that kind of food talk leads to love talk and I’m reminded about how my drummer the Houseman always compares playing a song or a set to making love. “its going, its going, its getting nice, Oh its feeling good, oh yeah, unhunh, ahh ahha ahhhhhh!” Hopefully, everybody comes at the same time or should I say arrives to the same conclusion…well you get the idea.

Anyways, I hope our sets are surprizing you all as much as they are us. I certainly can’t say enough praise about JBT and Tristan. Oh yeah and the midwest rocks, see you tonight.



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